Making Your Own Jewelry – Learn from Beebeecraft How to Design Your Own Charm Bracelets

Summary: How to make your own jewelry? Actually, it is not a difficult thing. In this post, we will tell you how to design your own charm bracelet.

Did you make your own jewelry? If you want unique jewelry, you should make one by yourself. There are too much same jewelries. You may see someone wearing the same jewelry with you on the street. And next, you can design your own charm bracelet with us together.


Supplies needed in designing your own charm bracelets:

8mm acrylic beads

Pandahall Elite 4mm& 6mm pearl beads

4mm glass beads

12mm cubic zirconia beads

Flower mother of pearl

Seed beads

jewelry making findings Eyepins


Bead caps


Brass jewelry making chain

Brass bar& ring toggle clasp

How to design your own charm bracelet?

Step1: Make dangles.

1st, slide a bead to the pin and make a loop over the bead. Keep making with other beads, eyepins and headpins.

2nd, prepare two 14.5cm brass chains.


Step2: Assemble the dangles and chains in order as shown in picture. Connect the two ends of the chains with jumprings. Add brass bar and ring toggle clasp to each jumpring.


So your bracelet is finished. It looks like a summer bracelet. You will be very eye-catching when you wear this beautiful bracelet. Hope you can develop your imagination to design your more own charm bracelets.

Making Crafts at Home – Beebeecraft tutorials on designing Your Own Accessories

Summary: Do you think about making crafts when you are bored at home? Actually, you can use your spare time to design your own accessories, besides,  the jewelry craft supplies is much cheaper, Which will be very money- saving.

In this article, we are going to make an accessory. It is widely- used. You can use it as a mobile accessory or pendant. Do you have interest to make it now? You can prepare materials to design your own accessories.


The materials and tools you will need:

5mm &6mm glass pearl beads

Tibetan style beads

Brass chain

Golden leaf brass pendant



Round nose pliers

Alloy bar links

How to design your own accessory?

Step1: Make dangles with pearl beads, Tibetan style beads, golden leaf brass pendant, headpins and eyepins. We mark the dangles with A, B, C, D.


Step2: Prepare a 7-links brass chain. Hook the dangles to it as picture shown. Then thread a jumpring through the seventh link and then thread the jumpring through the alloy bar link. Add dangles C to each end of the alloy bar link, and use a jumpring to connect them.


So your accessory is finished. You can add an earring hooks or a mobile cord to it. Then it can be an earring or mobile accessory. It looks a bunch of grapes. Very pretty!

Make Your Own Rings – Beebeecraft Personalized Handcrafted Jewelry

Summary: Everyone wants to have their own unique jewelry. Actually you can create your personalized handcrafted jewelry. And ring is easy to make. Follow Beebeecraft instructions and you will make your own rings.

If you want to send a gift to your friend or make jewelry for yourself, the ring we are going to make is a good choice. It is a piece of great personalized handcrafted jewelry. Please prepare the materials and make your own ring with us. You will love it.


Supplies needed in making your own rings:

4mm round, 3mm bicone and 4mm cube Swarovski Crystal Beads

Transparent Seed Beads

Beadthoven Nylon Wire

How to build personalized handcrafted jewelry?


Step1: String four round Swarovski crystal beads and cross through the last one to form a loop.

Step2: Repeat step1 to make three bead loops.

Step3: Slide beads.

1st, string two seed beads and a cube Swarovski crystal bead, and then thread the wire back through its opposite round Swarovski crystal bead.

2nd, continue string like that until reaching the first bead.

3rd, thread another end of the wire marked green back through the beads as shown in picture.

4th, string three seed beads a glass bead to the wires and cross through the glass bead for getting a loop.

Step4: Continue sliding seed beads and glass beads to make the ring base until reaching the round Swarovski crystal bead on the other end. And then slide seed beads to the two other blank sides of the three cube Swarovski crystal beads. Tie a knot.

So you have made your own ring. It is very beautiful and shining. This ring can certainly be your personalized handcrafted jewelry, hope you like it, and you can change the color of jewelry craft supplies u like to make the ring.

Beebeecraft Paper Quilling Tool Using Guide

Summary: This Beebeecraft article is ready for the beginners to start paper quilling. We introduce you the tool you need for quilling as well as how to use such tools. Get start quilling from the quilling tool.


This is a detailed introduction on how to use quilling tools in quilling crafting. The tools listed below are commonly used, which are easy to grasp for beginners.

Quilling Tools:
Quilling Model Board
Rolling Pen

Rolling Pen & Quilling Model Board

A rolling pen is designed to roll quilling paper into basic tight coil and loose coil.
A quilling model board is designed to help you adjust the sizes and create various shapes for quilling crafting.

How to use:

1st, cut a piece of quilling paper, fix one end of the rolling pen, and go on with one hand holding the refill while the other hand rolling the pen carefully;
2nd, insert the coil in the quilling model board to adjust the sizes;
3rd, stick the tail with glue and dry out. You’ve finished the loose coil pattern so far.

With this basic loose coil pattern, you can make attractive colorful quiling paper ball ornaments as below:

With the help of rolling pen, it is easy to make tight coil. The procedures are same with the loose coil, while the only difference lies in the strength in rolling.

Quilling paper snowman craft with the basic tight coil:

Tweezers & Glue

Tweezers are used to fix, hold and press the basic quilling patterns for shapping.
Glue are used to stick the tail of the quilling paper, or fix the quilling patterns on a certain surface.

How to use:

1st, once you’ve made the basic loose coils, fix and press a certain poit with tweezers;
2nd, continue to press the quilling pattern to reshape it. You’ve finished the slug and teardrop pattern so far.

With tight coil and teardrop pattern, you can make a simple quilling flower necklace as below:

This introduction on basic quilling tools has come to the end. I hope it would be helpful for beginners. If u love quilling crafts and jewelry, u will never miss that. There are a variety of quilling paper and jewelry craft supplies for u on Beebeecraft.

Beebeecraft Different Style Transparent Acrylic Beads Gives You Different Surprises

Summary: Transparent beads are very nice among jewelry craft supplies. They have attractive appearances and beautiful colors which can make your jewelry more pretty. All transparent acrylic beads are available in different shapes and sizes.

Transparent acrylic beads have a similar look to Swarovski crystal beads. With colorful faceted surfaces, these beads lend a touch of sparkle to jewelry designs. You won’t regret ordering these beads. Read on for more information about transparent acrylic beads.


We have transparent acrylic beads in four styles including frosted, bead in bead, silver lined, and alphabet style. Each style has its characteristics such as the style of bead in bead. This style of beads is two-tier. White beads in inner layer are surrounded by a transparent acrylic bead in an outer layer. This design makes the beads more mysterious and beautiful. The four styles of beads look like those shown below.

You can find transparent acrylic beads in different sizes, shapes and colors. The size ranges from 1mm to 39mm in diameter. These beads are made into different shapes such as plants, animals, round, heart, drop cube and so on. The color includes clear, green, black, purple, red, yellow and so on. We can offer almost every color you want.

Transparent acrylic beads are widely used. We can use them to make jewelry and some interesting crafts. For example, the frosted style of beads is very cute and kids like them very much. You can add the earring settings findings to make earrings, or add some jewelry string to make bracelet and necklaces, or make some accessories for them. And the transparent designs make glittering and lovely jewelry. You can try to create some crafts with the transparent acrylic beads.


Beebeecraft ideas of how to wear a big chunky necklace in a Glamorous Way

Chunky fashion necklaces are must have jewelry for us to dress ourselves up in any season and any occasions. The right chunky necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glamorous one can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress. In this article, you will learn from Beebeecraft how to wear a chunky necklace to enhance our beautiful look.

Big chunky necklaces are featured with “hugeness”. And they are the most versatile fashion jewelry accessory, which is worth investing. Whether you’re a casual kind of person with jeans and tee-shirt, or wear high heels every day, chunky necklace can still make you eye-catching. So this post will tell you some style tips on how to wear a chunky necklace. Beebeecraft offers many choices for you to design your own personal necklace.

How to wear a chunky necklace?

Wear it with a button down shirt:

A chunky necklace is a perfect accessory for dressing up our boring shirt or work clothes. It can be worn under the collar like a tie. This will surely add glows to the casual time and makes you stylish.

Layer it:

It works as a great “layer piece”. You can use 2-3 necklaces together to add the elegance and make them stand out.

Show some skin:

It will be glamorous to wear it with a low collar top, so as to highlight the chunky necklace and make people pay much more attention on your beautiful neck lines.

Go strapless:

Matching it with a strapless dresses will add splash to your elegance. You could wear a plastic or resin chunky necklace to make the party less formal; or delicate chunky necklace to dress it up.

Pair it with billowy top:

you can choose a heavy chunky necklace to match with flowing top. The weight will keep your clothe close to your chest and show your charming shape.

Tips while wearing chunky necklaces:

1, avoid too many accessories with a chunky necklace, or it will take away from its stylish effect.

2, avoid cheap chunky necklace jewelry for formal occasions. You can invest a few expensive ones for those occasions.

3, keep your body shape in mind. Women with short necks should choose longer necklaces, and conversely, one with longer necks should opt for chunky necklaces.

In conclusion, a big chunky fashion necklace can surely be a stunning piece to make us a great difference. So ditch these chic and delicate pieces to go with your new chunky look. Or you can even create your own one by yourself! For beads and other jewelry making materials information, please click Beeebeecraft.

How to make Jewelry

With a little time, effort, and skill you can use a variety of tools and materials to make jewelry. If you like buy jewelry making supplies online, is your great choice. You can choose from Beebeecraft and you can use these materials and skills to make necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings to start a business or for personal use.

There are some steps that you may need to make jewelry:

  1. Get ideas.

When designing your own jewelry, maybe you need to get ideas firstly. This will help you to think about which design aspects are most important to you and what will best fit your needs.

  • Look at your Jewelry Look at jewelryyou have purchased or made by others. You can recreate or take some ideas from these pieces. Maybe you like a particular type of bead or clasp or color combination.
  • Look at stores. Go to stores that specialize in jewelryor larger stores with jewelry departments to get ideas about what you might want to make. The wide selection in stores like these will allow you to get more ideas, as well as helping you stay at the front of fashion trends.
  • Look at others. You can look at the jewelry your friends have, what you see in magazines and the internet, and what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Think about what you like about their jewelry and what pieces you really wish you had for yourself.
  1. Decide your materials.

Once you have decided on the design style you enjoy most, you will want to decide which materials are best for your jewelry making design. Some material choices will be based on taste, some on availability, and some on necessity.

  • Metals will usually be used, in the form of wires, chains and rings, to bind together the other elements of the jewelry piece. The type of metal used will depend on what it is being used for, as well as personal taste. For example, soft metals are better for bending and should be used when you need to create loops. Whether or not that metal is gold or copper, however, is up to personal preference.
  • You may want to use stones or gemstones in the creation of your jewelry, especially if you are making pendants or rings. Choose your stone largely based on personal taste but be aware that some stones are more expensive than others. You may also wish to use false stones in order to save money. When choosing colors, try to choose those that mimic your natural eye color or fit well with your wardrobe. This will make your jewelry stand out and show off your wonderful design.
  • Other materials can also be used, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If metal and gemstone is too traditional for you, try alternative materials like wood, resin, plastic, twine and other less common sources.
  1. Sketch your image.

Before you make your jewelry, you will want to sketch out your ideas and then draw your final design. This will let you plan how large or long each element should be and ensure that you have a plan to follow. This will keep you from wasting supplies.

Hope that will help you and you can choose the suitable jewelry making supplies to create the piece of jewelry you want most!

How to inspire Jewelry Making Creativity

Jewelry making requires the creativity, occasionally, though, our creativity needs an infusion of joy as well as inspiration. Always, creativity runs out of your everyday experiences and simple choices. Be engaged in the world around you. Be open to fresh experiences and try new things that will rejuvenate you.

Here are 10 suggestions to find that spot where inspiration and real life flow together, leading you to create wonderful and new jewelry making projects.

  1. Search for beauty around you. Like justa movie, concert, jewelry or art show. Artistic events and activities of all types can inspire jewelry-making in some ways u
  2. Read jewelry magazinesand books. Jewelry-making stories, pictures, history and instruction open design possibilities you may not have considered before.
  3. Study the creative lives of others and thinkabout what has inspired them. How did they move past their own creative blocks and hurdles when inspiration had gone into temporary hiding?
  4. Establish a comfortable work place. The right space needs to be equipped with tools that are appropriate for your design needs, and organized for your own work style. The lighting and temperature should be taken into Consideration. Good lighting will not only brighten your spirit, but will be also helpful to your eyes. A positive work space is one of the elements that will inspire your creativity.
  5. Let music inspire you. Scientific research suggests that music can improve visual attention, increase happiness and inspire creative thoughts. Many people tap into music both to nourish their imagination and boost their energy levels. Music can be like a rocket launcher of creativity.
  6. Take a moment to recall successes, what you have accomplished and challenges you have met. Recall encouraging words people have spoken to you and replay them. With a familiar product you love, design a piece you know will be successful.
  7. Or, push into the limits of what you know, and then past that into what you think you can’t do. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Enter a jewelry-making contest. Take challenges or limitations and embrace them.
  8. Experiment with a new product or gem that excites you. Spark your creativity with a color you’ve rarely used in designs. Do you work primarily with glass beads? What about shell, metal or pearls?
  9. Many creative people have a deep kinship with nature. In fact, throughout time, many artists have found nature to be the primary inspiration for their work. Being outdoors restores the spirit and inspires the senses. Time spent in nature evokes new creative ideas.
  10. Take a break. Sometimes, simply taking a break and letting go for a short time could be the ticket to hit some new ideas. Remember that the creative journey is about joy–for you and for all of those who will discover and wear your beautiful jewelry.

Creative challenges, boredom, the proverbial ‘wall’ and setbacks happen to nearly all artists. Let them become fertile ground to initiate new designs or jewelry lines. Getting back in the groove is unique for every designer. This is a list of just ten possibilities. There are many more ways to reignite those creative fires. Keep looking for that sparkle. And, don’t ever give up.

To finish your jewelry making projects, jewelry making supplies are necessary. Find your favorite craft components and Jewelry Supplies online! Enjoy the online shopping with our large selection of Jewelry beads, Jewelry Findings, Tools & Supplies, String Materials, Crafts and more.

Jewelry making supplies

Find jewelry making supplies online to create beautiful pieces of homemade jewelry at There has various types of jewelry supplies for your jewelry creations, including Jewelry beads, Jewelry Findings, Tools & Supplies, String Materials, Crafts and so on. Explore our collection of jewelry making supplies now.

There are many types of Jewelry beads on

1) Wood & Nut Beads, which come into various designs like dyed wood beads, colorful wood beads, cute animal shape wood beads and so on. The unique feel of beads made of real wood and nuts found in nature inspire your creativity;

2) Tibetan Style Beads, which are great for Jewelry Bracelet Necklace Charm Making;

3) Shell & Pearl Beads, which feature different shape and styles, you can use them for your bracelets, necklace and other jewelry making;

4) Seed & Bugle Beads, They both come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to help enhance your designs;

5) Rhinestone Beads, also referred to as disco beads, spacer beads and more, which come in an amazing range of sparkly design and can be used as imitations of diamonds;

6) Glass Beads, Our cheap glass beads are rich in colors, shapes, categories and sizes; Gemstone Beads, Agate, Lava, Howlite, Quartz, Amethyst, etc. are all popular stone beads for you to choose from; Acrylic Beads.


Jewelry Findings are also in many kinds:

Jump rings, of diverse gauges, materials and diameters are all available at Beebeecraft.

Crimp Beads & Covers, which areessential to beading works and jewelry making craft projects.

Earring Settings, with different Earring hooks, different Ear Wires and different lever backs, you can design your own personalize earrings easily!

Clasps, Beebeecraft offers a wide range of different style clasps for you to choose from, including Lobster Claw, Magnetic Clasps, Key Clasps, Swivel Clasps, Toggle Clasps and much more!

Cabochons, which come in the different materials of gemstones, glass, acrylic and cubic zirconia shaped and polished.

Terminators, You can find various high quality terminators or other jewelry findings for sale on

Pins, Pins come in a variety of shapes and diameters at Beebeecraft.

Pendants & Charms, Featured in various metals, Beebeecraft offers a huge collection of pendants & charms for jewelry making.

Cabochon Settings, you can DIY a most personalized and precious Cabochon pendants & charms.

Bead Spacers, The jewelry bead spacers made of any material: alloy, brass, iron, stainless steel, etcare all available.

Stamping tag, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals.

Bead Cap & Cone, there are variety ofbead capsfor u to choose for your jewelry design project to make your jewelry stand out.

Bails, Our bails are available in a variety of sizes and designs, you will definitely find perfect one for your jewelry making.

Assorted Findings kits, You may find jump rings, earring hook, cord ends, lobster clasps, chains or any other jewelry findings together in one container. They can meet much of your needs for jewelry making work.


There are also kinds of Tools & Supplies:

Tools, we have jewelry pliers, jewelry tools, knitting tools as well as measuring tools and more.

Storage & Packaging, Jewelry and suppliers packing boxes and jewelry storage bags are the cheapest and practical choices!

Jewelry Display, With the suitable necklace jewelry stands bracelet displays, and earrings cards & racks, everything in your dresser will be organized in order!


There are also kinds of Tools & Supplies:

Tools, we have jewelry pliers, jewelry tools, knitting tools as well as measuring tools and more.

Storage & Packaging, Jewelry and suppliers packing boxes and jewelry storage bags are the cheapest and practical choices!

Jewelry Display, With the suitable necklace jewelry stands bracelet displays, and earrings cards & racks, everything in your dresser will be organized in order!


String Materials have various type here:

Finished String for jewelry, Add a pendant or charm to the finished string is the easiest way to create a piece of jewelry.

Wire, Design beautiful jewelry with our permanently colored aluminum wire, available in mixed color package.

Thread and cord, suede cord, waxed cord, leather cord, hemp cord and more, different colors and sizes are also available.

Chain, chains have so many shapes of ball chains, cross chains, twisted chains so on and so many styles in traditional and trendy styles that they never go out of date.


Craft materials also have many classification: there are Sewing & Fabric, DIY Set,  and also Craft Supplies.


Make your personalized pieces from’s collection of jewelry supplies online.


How to Braid a Rainbow Bracelet with One String in 15 Minutes

Summary: Here’s a tutorial about braiding a rainbow bracelet with only one strand of 2mm nylon string material. With the same weaving pattern (doing Sun knot), you can finish this one string bracelet within 15 minutes.


Have you ever braid a bracelet with only one strand of string for jewelry making? Today we’ll show you a 15-minutes friendship bracelet braided from one rainbow colored string, in which you’ll merely need to work the sun knot one and one. Let’s get started now!

Supplies needed for braiding rainbow string bracelet:

2mm Nylon Thread


How to braid rainbow bracelet with one string?

Step1: Braid first sun knot with one string

Unlike the sun knot tying techniques in our learning center, here we divide the knot into two parts:
1st, cut a length of 2mm nylon thread, fold in half;
2nd, create a loop with right working end, keep the end over the vertical parallel lines;
3rd, work the second loop using the left working end, over the right end. Go under the folded loop and then through the first loop from back to front;
4th, make the folded loop a proper size and then pull the ends tautly and this is one part of the sun knot. ;
5th, repeat the processes 1~4 with left working end firstly;
6th, tighten your ends.
You’ve done your first complete sun knot!


Step2: Repeat the same pattern

Keep working the sun knot in step 1 one after one.


Step3: Make the closure of one string bracelet

Create a button knot at end. Trim off the excess thread and melt the cut with lighter.




OK, we’ve finished this rainbow bracelet with one string. And, you can choose to add some beads for a brand new version or to customize the jewelry design accords to your individual needs. Whatever, we hope you’ll love this one string bracelet.