Making Your Own Jewelry – Learn from Beebeecraft How to Design Your Own Charm Bracelets

Summary: How to make your own jewelry? Actually, it is not a difficult thing. In this post, we will tell you how to design your own charm bracelet.

Did you make your own jewelry? If you want unique jewelry, you should make one by yourself. There are too much same jewelries. You may see someone wearing the same jewelry with you on the street. And next, you can design your own charm bracelet with us together.


Supplies needed in designing your own charm bracelets:

8mm acrylic beads

Pandahall Elite 4mm& 6mm pearl beads

4mm glass beads

12mm cubic zirconia beads

Flower mother of pearl

Seed beads

jewelry making findings Eyepins


Bead caps


Brass jewelry making chain

Brass bar& ring toggle clasp

How to design your own charm bracelet?

Step1: Make dangles.

1st, slide a bead to the pin and make a loop over the bead. Keep making with other beads, eyepins and headpins.

2nd, prepare two 14.5cm brass chains.


Step2: Assemble the dangles and chains in order as shown in picture. Connect the two ends of the chains with jumprings. Add brass bar and ring toggle clasp to each jumpring.


So your bracelet is finished. It looks like a summer bracelet. You will be very eye-catching when you wear this beautiful bracelet. Hope you can develop your imagination to design your more own charm bracelets.

Making Crafts at Home – Beebeecraft tutorials on designing Your Own Accessories

Summary: Do you think about making crafts when you are bored at home? Actually, you can use your spare time to design your own accessories, besides,  the jewelry craft supplies is much cheaper, Which will be very money- saving.

In this article, we are going to make an accessory. It is widely- used. You can use it as a mobile accessory or pendant. Do you have interest to make it now? You can prepare materials to design your own accessories.


The materials and tools you will need:

5mm &6mm glass pearl beads

Tibetan style beads

Brass chain

Golden leaf brass pendant



Round nose pliers

Alloy bar links

How to design your own accessory?

Step1: Make dangles with pearl beads, Tibetan style beads, golden leaf brass pendant, headpins and eyepins. We mark the dangles with A, B, C, D.


Step2: Prepare a 7-links brass chain. Hook the dangles to it as picture shown. Then thread a jumpring through the seventh link and then thread the jumpring through the alloy bar link. Add dangles C to each end of the alloy bar link, and use a jumpring to connect them.


So your accessory is finished. You can add an earring hooks or a mobile cord to it. Then it can be an earring or mobile accessory. It looks a bunch of grapes. Very pretty!

Make Your Own Rings – Beebeecraft Personalized Handcrafted Jewelry

Summary: Everyone wants to have their own unique jewelry. Actually you can create your personalized handcrafted jewelry. And ring is easy to make. Follow Beebeecraft instructions and you will make your own rings.

If you want to send a gift to your friend or make jewelry for yourself, the ring we are going to make is a good choice. It is a piece of great personalized handcrafted jewelry. Please prepare the materials and make your own ring with us. You will love it.


Supplies needed in making your own rings:

4mm round, 3mm bicone and 4mm cube Swarovski Crystal Beads

Transparent Seed Beads

Beadthoven Nylon Wire

How to build personalized handcrafted jewelry?


Step1: String four round Swarovski crystal beads and cross through the last one to form a loop.

Step2: Repeat step1 to make three bead loops.

Step3: Slide beads.

1st, string two seed beads and a cube Swarovski crystal bead, and then thread the wire back through its opposite round Swarovski crystal bead.

2nd, continue string like that until reaching the first bead.

3rd, thread another end of the wire marked green back through the beads as shown in picture.

4th, string three seed beads a glass bead to the wires and cross through the glass bead for getting a loop.

Step4: Continue sliding seed beads and glass beads to make the ring base until reaching the round Swarovski crystal bead on the other end. And then slide seed beads to the two other blank sides of the three cube Swarovski crystal beads. Tie a knot.

So you have made your own ring. It is very beautiful and shining. This ring can certainly be your personalized handcrafted jewelry, hope you like it, and you can change the color of jewelry craft supplies u like to make the ring.

Beebeecraft Paper Quilling Tool Using Guide

Summary: This Beebeecraft article is ready for the beginners to start paper quilling. We introduce you the tool you need for quilling as well as how to use such tools. Get start quilling from the quilling tool.


This is a detailed introduction on how to use quilling tools in quilling crafting. The tools listed below are commonly used, which are easy to grasp for beginners.

Quilling Tools:
Quilling Model Board
Rolling Pen

Rolling Pen & Quilling Model Board

A rolling pen is designed to roll quilling paper into basic tight coil and loose coil.
A quilling model board is designed to help you adjust the sizes and create various shapes for quilling crafting.

How to use:

1st, cut a piece of quilling paper, fix one end of the rolling pen, and go on with one hand holding the refill while the other hand rolling the pen carefully;
2nd, insert the coil in the quilling model board to adjust the sizes;
3rd, stick the tail with glue and dry out. You’ve finished the loose coil pattern so far.

With this basic loose coil pattern, you can make attractive colorful quiling paper ball ornaments as below:

With the help of rolling pen, it is easy to make tight coil. The procedures are same with the loose coil, while the only difference lies in the strength in rolling.

Quilling paper snowman craft with the basic tight coil:

Tweezers & Glue

Tweezers are used to fix, hold and press the basic quilling patterns for shapping.
Glue are used to stick the tail of the quilling paper, or fix the quilling patterns on a certain surface.

How to use:

1st, once you’ve made the basic loose coils, fix and press a certain poit with tweezers;
2nd, continue to press the quilling pattern to reshape it. You’ve finished the slug and teardrop pattern so far.

With tight coil and teardrop pattern, you can make a simple quilling flower necklace as below:

This introduction on basic quilling tools has come to the end. I hope it would be helpful for beginners. If u love quilling crafts and jewelry, u will never miss that. There are a variety of quilling paper and jewelry craft supplies for u on Beebeecraft.

Beebeecraft Different Style Transparent Acrylic Beads Gives You Different Surprises

Summary: Transparent beads are very nice among jewelry craft supplies. They have attractive appearances and beautiful colors which can make your jewelry more pretty. All transparent acrylic beads are available in different shapes and sizes.

Transparent acrylic beads have a similar look to Swarovski crystal beads. With colorful faceted surfaces, these beads lend a touch of sparkle to jewelry designs. You won’t regret ordering these beads. Read on for more information about transparent acrylic beads.


We have transparent acrylic beads in four styles including frosted, bead in bead, silver lined, and alphabet style. Each style has its characteristics such as the style of bead in bead. This style of beads is two-tier. White beads in inner layer are surrounded by a transparent acrylic bead in an outer layer. This design makes the beads more mysterious and beautiful. The four styles of beads look like those shown below.

You can find transparent acrylic beads in different sizes, shapes and colors. The size ranges from 1mm to 39mm in diameter. These beads are made into different shapes such as plants, animals, round, heart, drop cube and so on. The color includes clear, green, black, purple, red, yellow and so on. We can offer almost every color you want.

Transparent acrylic beads are widely used. We can use them to make jewelry and some interesting crafts. For example, the frosted style of beads is very cute and kids like them very much. You can add the earring settings findings to make earrings, or add some jewelry string to make bracelet and necklaces, or make some accessories for them. And the transparent designs make glittering and lovely jewelry. You can try to create some crafts with the transparent acrylic beads.