Making Crafts at Home – Beebeecraft tutorials on designing Your Own Accessories

Summary: Do you think about making crafts when you are bored at home? Actually, you can use your spare time to design your own accessories, besides,  the jewelry craft supplies is much cheaper, Which will be very money- saving.

In this article, we are going to make an accessory. It is widely- used. You can use it as a mobile accessory or pendant. Do you have interest to make it now? You can prepare materials to design your own accessories.


The materials and tools you will need:

5mm &6mm glass pearl beads

Tibetan style beads

Brass chain

Golden leaf brass pendant



Round nose pliers

Alloy bar links

How to design your own accessory?

Step1: Make dangles with pearl beads, Tibetan style beads, golden leaf brass pendant, headpins and eyepins. We mark the dangles with A, B, C, D.


Step2: Prepare a 7-links brass chain. Hook the dangles to it as picture shown. Then thread a jumpring through the seventh link and then thread the jumpring through the alloy bar link. Add dangles C to each end of the alloy bar link, and use a jumpring to connect them.


So your accessory is finished. You can add an earring hooks or a mobile cord to it. Then it can be an earring or mobile accessory. It looks a bunch of grapes. Very pretty!

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