How to inspire Jewelry Making Creativity

Jewelry making requires the creativity, occasionally, though, our creativity needs an infusion of joy as well as inspiration. Always, creativity runs out of your everyday experiences and simple choices. Be engaged in the world around you. Be open to fresh experiences and try new things that will rejuvenate you.

Here are 10 suggestions to find that spot where inspiration and real life flow together, leading you to create wonderful and new jewelry making projects.

  1. Search for beauty around you. Like justa movie, concert, jewelry or art show. Artistic events and activities of all types can inspire jewelry-making in some ways u
  2. Read jewelry magazinesand books. Jewelry-making stories, pictures, history and instruction open design possibilities you may not have considered before.
  3. Study the creative lives of others and thinkabout what has inspired them. How did they move past their own creative blocks and hurdles when inspiration had gone into temporary hiding?
  4. Establish a comfortable work place. The right space needs to be equipped with tools that are appropriate for your design needs, and organized for your own work style. The lighting and temperature should be taken into Consideration. Good lighting will not only brighten your spirit, but will be also helpful to your eyes. A positive work space is one of the elements that will inspire your creativity.
  5. Let music inspire you. Scientific research suggests that music can improve visual attention, increase happiness and inspire creative thoughts. Many people tap into music both to nourish their imagination and boost their energy levels. Music can be like a rocket launcher of creativity.
  6. Take a moment to recall successes, what you have accomplished and challenges you have met. Recall encouraging words people have spoken to you and replay them. With a familiar product you love, design a piece you know will be successful.
  7. Or, push into the limits of what you know, and then past that into what you think you can’t do. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Enter a jewelry-making contest. Take challenges or limitations and embrace them.
  8. Experiment with a new product or gem that excites you. Spark your creativity with a color you’ve rarely used in designs. Do you work primarily with glass beads? What about shell, metal or pearls?
  9. Many creative people have a deep kinship with nature. In fact, throughout time, many artists have found nature to be the primary inspiration for their work. Being outdoors restores the spirit and inspires the senses. Time spent in nature evokes new creative ideas.
  10. Take a break. Sometimes, simply taking a break and letting go for a short time could be the ticket to hit some new ideas. Remember that the creative journey is about joy–for you and for all of those who will discover and wear your beautiful jewelry.

Creative challenges, boredom, the proverbial ‘wall’ and setbacks happen to nearly all artists. Let them become fertile ground to initiate new designs or jewelry lines. Getting back in the groove is unique for every designer. This is a list of just ten possibilities. There are many more ways to reignite those creative fires. Keep looking for that sparkle. And, don’t ever give up.

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Jewelry making supplies

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There are also kinds of Tools & Supplies:

Tools, we have jewelry pliers, jewelry tools, knitting tools as well as measuring tools and more.

Storage & Packaging, Jewelry and suppliers packing boxes and jewelry storage bags are the cheapest and practical choices!

Jewelry Display, With the suitable necklace jewelry stands bracelet displays, and earrings cards & racks, everything in your dresser will be organized in order!


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How to Braid a Rainbow Bracelet with One String in 15 Minutes

Summary: Here’s a tutorial about braiding a rainbow bracelet with only one strand of 2mm nylon string material. With the same weaving pattern (doing Sun knot), you can finish this one string bracelet within 15 minutes.


Have you ever braid a bracelet with only one strand of string for jewelry making? Today we’ll show you a 15-minutes friendship bracelet braided from one rainbow colored string, in which you’ll merely need to work the sun knot one and one. Let’s get started now!

Supplies needed for braiding rainbow string bracelet:

2mm Nylon Thread


How to braid rainbow bracelet with one string?

Step1: Braid first sun knot with one string

Unlike the sun knot tying techniques in our learning center, here we divide the knot into two parts:
1st, cut a length of 2mm nylon thread, fold in half;
2nd, create a loop with right working end, keep the end over the vertical parallel lines;
3rd, work the second loop using the left working end, over the right end. Go under the folded loop and then through the first loop from back to front;
4th, make the folded loop a proper size and then pull the ends tautly and this is one part of the sun knot. ;
5th, repeat the processes 1~4 with left working end firstly;
6th, tighten your ends.
You’ve done your first complete sun knot!


Step2: Repeat the same pattern

Keep working the sun knot in step 1 one after one.


Step3: Make the closure of one string bracelet

Create a button knot at end. Trim off the excess thread and melt the cut with lighter.




OK, we’ve finished this rainbow bracelet with one string. And, you can choose to add some beads for a brand new version or to customize the jewelry design accords to your individual needs. Whatever, we hope you’ll love this one string bracelet.

String Jewelry

Do you like Jewelry made of string ? There are a lot of string for jewelry making out there. How do you know which beading thread, cord or wire to use for your jewelry-making projects? Learn what the best stringing supplies are made with and their intended uses to help ensure you’re applying them well.

The stringing and wire that you choose for your necklace or other wearable jewelry is determined by both your budget and your personal design style.

There are many different types of jewelry stringing materials and it can be confusing to know which one to choose for your project. We’ll be explaining more about the most common stringing materials that you’ll find and what they are best used for.

Jewelry-making cord tends to be thicker than thread, often used as a design element itself in braiding, lacing, knotting and other applications.

Beading thread

Beading threads is the stringing material of choice for seed bead projects, bead embroidery, weaving, loom work, and more. When you string together tiny little seed beads. These threads should be used with a special beading needle that will fit through the seed bead holes.


  1. Leather cord

Genuine leather cord is a popular material to use for stringing beads with large holes and it looks great on its own as a necklace with just a simple pendant attached. Leather cord is often used in modern casual style or bohemian style jewelry.

Wrap bracelets are on trend at the moment and rather than using leather cord for stringing, you can use two lengths of cord to wrap beads around. Leather cord is very strong and easy to work with. It make knots well, although knots can be quite large depending on the thickness of the cord you’re using.

  1. Faux leather cord

This is a strong material that looks similar to leather cord. It’s robust enough to use for many jewelry-making projects and stands up well when it gets wet – however it doesn’t stand well to extremely low temperatures. Imitation cord is machine made, which means it’s more uniform in size and color than genuine leather cord.

  1. Cotton cord

Waxed cotton cord is a good alternative to use for bracelets and necklaces if you don’t want to use leather. It’s good for stringing and knotting and is usually regular in color and size. It’s pretty much water resistant so you won’t need to worry about it breaking down.


Flexible beading wire is a stringing material made from metal that is often used for wire-wrapping, creating coils, weaving, making findings and more.

Jewelry making wire allows you endless opportunity in creativity!


Hope this overview of jewelry stringing materials will be helpful so that you can choose the right one of the string materials for your jewelry making project with ease!

Handmade jewelry Idea on How to Make Adorable Cat Earrings with String for Jewelry Making

String materials are widely used in many jewelry making ideas, such as a simple faux suede cord bracelet, a pair of wire wrapped earring or a chain necklace and so on. Today I will show you the tutorial on how to make adorable cat earring with wires.


I love cute cat, so do I love adorable cat jewelry. I’m sure many of you may also love them as me. Do you have interest to learn this funny jewelry string earring DIY with me? They must make you in good mood when you wear them.

There are various kind of strings for jewelry making, but just choose aluminum wire and copper wire in this cat earring DIY, because the aluminum and copper wire are easy to bend to make the cat shape.

Here are all materials needed in wire cat earrings making:
2mm Golden Seed Beads
8mm Blue Cat Eye Beads
Silver Copper Wire EPS4.Ocm-0.8mm
Aluminum Wire AW10×1.5cm
0.3mm, 0.5mm Golden Copper Wire
Eye Pins EPS4.0cm
Flat Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier


Here are four steps for making wire cat earrings:
Step 1: Make the shape of cat’s face
Firstly, cut off some aluminum wire at the length of about 130mm;
Secondly, wrap it to form the shape of the cat face. The pictures below shows the detail.


Step 2: Add eyes and whisker to her face of the cute cat
Firstly, use the blue cat eye beads as the eyes of the adorable cat;
Secondly, slide a golden seed bead with the silver copper wire to be the nose of it;
Thirdly, cut off the copper wire at length of 0.5mm (3 pieces are needed), and thread the three 0.5mm golden copper wire to the “nose” to be its whisker.
Then you can see, a cute wire cat is in front of you.


Step 3: Make a dangle link for the earring
Firstly, thread two golden seed beads and q blue cat eye bead with an eye pin
Secondly, make a loop at the other end of the eye pin as picture shows below.


Step 4: Add the earring hook to finish the handmade cat earrings
Add an earring hook to it and then the lovely wire cat earring is finished.


The tutorial of making a pair of adorable cat earrings is so interesting and easy to learn. Follow the step to make your own pair and wear it to show your beauty.

Good News: PandaHall Beads APP Is On

Are you still troubled by slow shopping for jewelry beads, gemstones and jewelry findings? Here is Pandahall Beads APP which will solve your problem.

The three main characteristics of the APP:

1, You can browse the whole pandahall

2, You can buy the products whenever and wherever

3, You can get instant notifications of your order, great sale and special offer

But how can we download the APP, The below is the instruction:

Method 1

Search the key words PandaHall Beads on Google Play to download1

Method 2

Scan the QR Code to Download Pandahall Beads APP


Pay attention:

Your phone Requires Android 6.0 or Later.

The APP has Only English Version.

The below is the home page of the APP. when you click the APP, you will see this page. And you can search the products at the top.



When you click Dicovery , you will find the four category pages.


Follow me to find out how to check in and make an order on PandaHall Beads APP.

Step 1, Account Registration and Login 

Click My Account to register or sign in your account


Here is the page when you finish checking in your account


Step 2, Make an order

Click your desired product and add it to cart. When you finish adding the products, you can lick the shopping cart to check out. Here is the whole process as pictured!



One big advantage of PandaHall Beads APP is that it can push notifications of special deals and price alerts. Another advantage is you can track your order any time anywhere only if you have a phone.


Time is of the essence, let PandaHall APP help you save the time and make your order more convenient!

How to Make Simple Chunky Bead Necklace within two steps

Do you like making any jewelry or accessory for yourself? And do you think is it easy to carry out? Today we are going to learn how to make simple chunky bead necklace within two steps. Trust me, it is truly easy to finish it. I bet you are too impatient to wait one more second, so let us start soon.
Simple-Tutorial-on-Making-Chunky-Bead-Necklace-with-Black-Chains1Supplies needed in making simple chunky necklace:
Multi-faceted chunky wood beads
Thin black cross chains
Thick black cross chain
Jump rings
Lobster claw
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Simple-Tutorial-on-Making-Chunky-Bead-Necklace-with-Black-Chains2Step1: Prepare the chains and add the wood bead
Firstly, trim off three thin cross chains and ensure they have 25 links lengths.
Secondly, trim off the thick cross chain about 40cm length.
Thirdly, find the center place of the thick chain and connect the thin chain with the center of the thick center.
Fourthly, slide the yellow wood bead onto this thin chain, and attach the other end to the fourth link, as the picture shows.
Simple-Tutorial-on-Making-Chunky-Bead-Necklace-with-Black-Chains3Step2: Finish the chunky bead necklace
Firstly, attach another thin chain and ensure it is one link away with the first one.
Secondly, slide orange wood bead onto it and keep the same length with the yellow bead.
Thirdly, place another orange bead onto the other side of yellow bead, and repeat the same step.
Finally, connect the two ends of black chain with the lobster claw.
Simple-Tutorial-on-Making-Chunky-Bead-Necklace-with-Black-Chains4Then the chunky bead necklace is done!
Simple-Tutorial-on-Making-Chunky-Bead-Necklace-with-Black-Chains5Unbelievable! We did it, making a simple chunky bead necklace within two steps! So are you planning to have a try?