The Efficiency And Ease Of Magnetic Clasps

If you have ever spent time struggling to open a lobster claw clasp or found yourself fiddling around trying to screw a twist clasp back together, then you will realize how frustrating it can be to try to deal with the clasps on jewelry. This is one of the main reasons that more and more manufacturers have started to create jewelry with subtle magnetic clasps. Magnetic clasps are even sold by home jewelry making kit suppliers, who realize that this popular component can help to make home-made jewelry a far more appealing purchase.

Whilst some people simply ask a friend or partner to help them with fiddly jewelry clasps, modern women do not like having to rely on other people for assistance, especially with an item of jewelry which they wear every single day. As more and more people are now living alone or with housemates who are not always on the same schedule as them, it is actually impossible for many people to ask a friend or partner for help with a clasp every time they want to put on or take off a much loved piece of jewelry. In fact, many people will completely shun an item of jewelry if the clasp becomes too stiff or fiddly for them to work. This is just one of the reasons why magnetic clasps are becoming increasingly popular.

Struggling to open a clasp behind your head can be a long, drawn out experience. As people get older, they may not even have the strength in their arms to continue to hold them in that position for all that long. Ironically, as people get older, working these clasps can become even harder as their fingers become less dexterous, meaning that they are actually forced to keep their arms in that position for much longer as they struggle to achieve the desired result. With magnetic clasps, the user simply needs to hold both end of the clasp close to one another and they should be attracted to each other, thus taking away most of the hard work! In order to open the clasp up again, you simply need to firmly pull the two ends apart. This mechanism is ideal for people who are fed up with having to spend ages struggling with their jewelry clasps.

These types of clasps are actually so innovative and easy to use that some people actually pay to have their existing jewelry clasps removed and replaced with magnetic clasps. This is a relatively inexpensive way for people to renew their jewelry, and turn it into something that they are still able to wear without having to rely on the assistance of others. Although most people end up paying to have their jewelry converted, it is well worth it if you find that you are wasting time every morning and evening struggling with jewelry, or if you find that you no longer want to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry simply because you cannot work the clasp by yourself anymore.

Magnetic clasps are a simple and efficient way to allow jewelry to be put on and taken off. If you struggle with other clasps, consider magnetic clasps.


Some Of The Different Types of Jewelry Clasps Available

Jewelry making is a popular form of art and craft. Some people do it as hobby, while others earn a full time or side income out of jewelry making. Being able to design jewelry allows the artist to express themselves creatively and then wear that expression as part of their fashion ensemble. But, jewelry making is not an easy job. With the huge variety of jewelry making supplies available today, buying the right supplies can be challenging.

Some of the most popular jewelry pieces that artists make are necklaces, bracelets and anklets. These jewelry items have one thing in common and that is they all require some type of clasp to hold the ends together or secure them. Jewelry designers who make multiple pieces of jewelry items at once usually possess an extensive collection of jewelry clasps. Whenever, they are creating a new piece, they can choose the best ones from their collection and use them in their creation.

Jewelry clasps can be made from various materials such as gold, silver, platinum and cheaper metals such as aluminum, tungsten and vermeil. Some of the other options include leather, nylon and plastic. Artists can choose jewelry clasps that match their chain or threading wire or they can also choose a clasp to create contrast.

Clasps for jewelry are widely available today, but information on the various types is quite limited. In this post, we will look at the main types of jewelry clasps available on the market.

Lobster – has a simple design and can be used for a variety of jewelry pieces. However, they are not ideal for people with arthritis or jewelry pieces that will be tightly fastened.

Toggle – these are available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as triangles and hearts which allows you the freedom to match the clasps with the shape of the beads.

Buttons – buttons make great clasps if you use them with shanks or holes. They are made of many different types of materials such as ceramics and plastic.

Magnetic – this is a perfect option for those who find it difficult to fasten and unfasten their jewelry items. To fasten, all you need to do is get the ends together and pull away when you want to remove the jewelry.

Tube bar – these are great for multistrand jewelry pieces. They are also very easy to use.

Ribbon – if you are looking to give your necklace or bracelet an elegant look, you can use ribbon clasps. Although they are not a practical closure, they can provide a wonderful finish for your necklace or bracelet.

Beaded bead – another modern way of fastening your handmade jewelry pieces is with the use of beaded beads. These can be used as clasps for cuffs and bracelets. There are a number of websites from where you can purchase beaded beads to use as clasps if you are not a perfect beadweaver.

Hooks – these are frequently used for lanyards and some also include a swivel. You can buy bulk hooks if you specialise in lanyards.

Barrel – these are perfect for necklaces because they are delicate and light. These are also easier to use than spring and lobster clasps.

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How To Choose The Best Bracelet Clasps

When it comes to jewelry such as bracelets, the clasp is everything. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right one when designing your own jewelry.

You may be looking for the perfect bracelet clasp when you buy ready-made jewelry or when you want to create your own jewelry design. Whatever it is, the choice of clasps is an important thing to consider.

Bracelet clasps are functional components and are an integral element in every design. They make it possible for the two ends to come together and fit nicely around your wrist. But it is essential that the ease of use is also considered. Has it ever happened to you that you bought a bracelet because it looks beautiful, but you found it hard to fasten it around your wrist because of the tiny spring clasp it had and gave up the idea of wearing it altogether?

The clasps used in bracelets and other types of jewelry can tell a lot about the quality of the piece. So whether you are looking to buy a ready-made bracelet or bracelet clasps to create your own jewelry, it is essential that you make the right choice. If you are looking to make your own creations, here are some tips on how to choose the best bracelet clasps.

First of all, you must choose clasps based on the type of beads you will use in the creation of the bracelet. You must pay careful attention to the diameter of the beads and choose a clasp that resembles this aspect. A studier bracelet clasp is ideal for large stone beads because it will help hold the bracelet securely. To enhance the overall design of your bracelet, choose a decorative clasp. But, if you don’t want the clasp to overpower the jewelry, you can choose a subdued design.

Bracelet clasps are available in many different materials including silver plated, copper plated, nickel plated, sterling silver filled, rhodium plated, gold plated, gold filled, solid gold, sterling silver, pewter, vermeil, solid gemstone, stainless steel and many others. The choice of material will largely depend on the material used for beading. It will also depend on the type of beads you will use in your creation.

Bracelet clasps that are made of gold, silver or precious stones may have contemporary, classic or vintage style. But, the designs that are available include push clasp, spring ring, lobster, fish hook, magnetic clasp, bar clasp, screw clasp and many more.

When choosing bracelet clasps, consider the balance between color and size of the clasps and beads. Another important thing that you need to consider is how secure the clasp is. Magnetic clasps are perfect for bracelets but, since they cannot support heavy weight, they must not be used with larger and heavier beads. Similarly, the fish hook clasp is quite secure, but most people find it difficult to fasten. Therefore when choosing, you must consider ease of wear, security and style.

The finish of the bracelet clasp is another thing that needs to be considered. A good clasp should withstand hundreds of uses. It should allow the jewelry to sit comfortably around the wrist and should have a smooth surface.

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