Using Wholesale Cabochons To Make Face Pendants

If you want to make some unique pendants to wear as casual jewelry items, then you should consider making your own face pendants using see-through glass cabochons. These pendants are simple to make using wholesale cabochons, some clear drying jewelry glue, a bezel pendant back and a photo of your choice. Here is how:

When it comes to buying wholesale cabochons for this project, it is important to find ones which are the right size for the bezel pendant backs which you choose. Before purchasing your bezel pendant backs, always check the diameter of your wholesale cabochons first. Although most people will choose clear and colorless cabochons for this, wholesale cabochons are available in a wide range of different colors. If you have time, you could try experimenting with different styles to see the unusual effects that this produces. You will also need to choose a face picture which is roughly the same size as the back of the cabochon. Whilst you may be able to find a perfectly sized picture of the face that you want to display, it may be easiest to resize the image on the computer, then have it printed off in the size which you need. You can either choose a real photographic image or you can choose a cartoon image.

Begin by placing one of the wholesale cabochons on to the section of the image which you would like to make into a pendant. Draw around the cabochon lightly in pencil, and then carefully cut the picture out. Lightly cover the image with the clear drying glue and carefully stick it to the flat side of the cabochon, taking care to make sure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the picture. If any excess glue is squeezed out from under the image, carefully wipe it off of the cabochon before it dries. Once the photo is firmly glued onto the back of the cabochon, you can then put a dab of glue into the centre of the bezel pendant back and stick the cabochon down, wiping away any excess glue which is squeezed out of the sides. It may help the cabochon to stick firmly if you lightly clamp or weight it, so that it is firmly held in place until the glue has dried. It should now be possible to hook the completed face pendant onto your chosen necklace.

One alternative to using wholesale cabochons to make a face pendant is to make your own clay cabochon face. If you are artistically talented, it is easy to fashion a cheeky, cartoony face out of clay and smooth out the back like a cabochon. Once the clay is completely dry, you can then paint it. Clay sometimes requires more than one coat of paint and the addition of a glaze to make the paintwork look professional. These types of cabochons can also be attached to a bezel pendant back, if you want them to look like a modern twist on the traditional cameo style.

Use wholesale cabochons to make fun and funky jewelry. Wholesale cabochons are available online or from local craft supplies stores.

Tips To Consider When Buying Wholesale Cabochons

For a number of jewelry makers, cabochons are a favorite type of stone. They are extremely popular these days because they are versatile and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all jewelry making needs. When it comes to buying cabochons, there are many choices available due to their different sizes, colors, shapes and types of stones making it really difficult to choose the right one. On the other hand, professional jewelry makers buy cabochons and other jewelry making supplies in bulk lots and for this reason, they need to be extra careful when choosing them.

If you are a jewelry maker and are looking to buy wholesale cabochons, here are some tips that you need to consider.

Size really matters when creating hand-made jewelry. Whether you are looking to create rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, the size of cabochons matter because it can either enhance wearability or degrade wearability. The cabochons must be large enough so that they fit into the setting. They must also be visible to enhance the overall look of the jewelry pieces. In addition, consider buying wholesale cabochons which are lightweight and can easily be incorporated into the design. The cabochons being lightweight will also ensure that it does not cause discomfort to the wearer.

Another thing to consider is whether you are buying cabochons for men’s jewelry or women’s jewelry. For example, men’s jewelry such as rings can include slightly larger stones than women’s rings. Special attention must be given if you are looking to create earrings because larger cabochons will be too heavy for the earlobe to support.

Some other things to consider when buying wholesale cabochons are:

• The type of jewelry and the body part it will be worn on. The body part must be able to support the weight of the jewelry.

• The personality of the people. Are you looking to create cabochon jewelry for people who are bold and flashy or people who prefer jewelry items that are more subtle?

• The overall style of the jewelry. Larger cabochons and elements are part of modern jewelry styles. On the other hand, Victorian jewelry includes delicate designs in its creations. Therefore, it is essential to consider the overall style when choosing wholesale cabochons.

You must remember that not all cabochons are created equal. Although the designs may look pretty, they may not be easy to use with your style. Therefore, you must be careful when you buy bulk lots. Sometimes, bulk lots contain a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and sometimes, they contain a single shape and size. Therefore, if you are looking to create the same type of jewelry, then you must choose a lot that contains the same size and shape of cabochons. If you will be creating different designs, then going with a mixed lot of wholesale cabochons is the best idea. No matter which option you go with, you must always check their shape, the sides of the stone, the front of the stone as well as the back of the stone before buying.

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