A Few Facts On Tibetan Silver Beads

Tibetan silver beads are popular jewelry making beads sold online at places like eBay, Amazon, and at online merchants. These items are not pure silver, and they are often sold under other names as well. Some of the other names that the Tibetan silver beads are frequently sold under are: tin-alloy beads, white metal beads, Nepalese silver beads, lead-free pewter beads, base metal beads, and pewter beads.


Tibetan silver beads are primarily made of nickel, copper, and zinc. Not all of the these beads are made of the same thing and when different ones were placed under metallurgical testing it was discovered that some of these items were actually very high in lead content and some of them contained as much as 1.3 percent arsenic. Trace amounts of other metals such as gold, lead, aluminum, and chromium, have been found in some of the beads. There are warnings posted on some of the sites that sell these beads so that pregnant women, and children do not get exposed to heavy metals that could prove to be harmful to their health.


While some of the Tibetan silver beads are made with heavy metals that are known to be toxic to humans, actual silver is not toxic to humans. Actual silver can even be used to create decorative designs on food without harming anyone eating the food.


Actual silver is one of the shiniest metals known to man. It is actually the most reflective element there is, and that is why it is used when people are designing mirrors, telescopes, and solar cells. While it is a powerful reflector of visible light, it is not very good at reflecting ultraviolet light.


Silver was actually one of the first five metals to ever be discovered. There have been artifacts discovered that were fashioned from this metal as early as 3000 BC.


Sterling silver is the most common form of silver, containing ninety two point five percent silver, and usually copper to make up the remaining balance.


Only gold is more ductile than this element. You can take one ounce of silver and draw it through eight thousand feet of wire.


The lines you see in the back glass of your automobile are made up of silver. They are used to defrost ice from the window in the winter. Silver is the best metal to be used as a conductor.


A good many of the beads that you buy labeled Tibetan silver beads are fashioned from cast iron, and then they are coated in a silver coating to make them appear to be silver.


Tibetan silver beads do not tarnish the way that pure beads will. Pure silver tarnishes when it is exposed to the air because it has a reaction to the sulfur compounds in the air. This reaction results in the black tarnish forming on the silver item. Since the metals that make up the imitation silver beads do not react to sulfur compounds in the air there will be no black tarnish.


Tibetan silver beads are not pure silver beads. These beads are made up of a combination of other metals and alloys, like nickel, and copper. You can get more information from tibetan silver wholesale and pandahall wholesale.