Using Wooden Beads In Your Hair

Everyone has seen beaded bracelets and beaded necklaces, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should consider trying out beads for your hair! This is a popular style in areas such as Africa or the Caribbean, and it can be worn by anyone with long hair. It is also great as part of a boho or gypsy style. Best of all, all you need to get started are some chunky wooden beads and some hair elastics. If you want to add something a little extra to make your style unique, you may be interested in putting an extra charm onto the end of your braids to complete your look.

Although it is possible to bead your hair with any sort of beads, wooden beads are a great choice for this look because of their weight – they are not too heavy and they are not too light. They are also durable, so they are unlikely to break or get damaged as they move about in your hair. Choose wooden beads with large holes, so that you will be able to thread them onto your hair easily. Small hair elastics are available from most hair styling shops. You can buy elastics which match with your hair, or you can choose elastics which stand out. Here is how to braid your hair with a strand of beads if you intend to add an eye-catching hair charm:

Section off a small portion of your hair from the back or from one of the sides, and tie the rest of your hair back so that it is out of the way. Split this section into three small strands and tightly braid it from your scalp until you have about one inch of unbraided hair left at the bottom. Secure this braiding with one of your hair elastics.

Now, depending on the length of your hair, choose a suitable number of wooden beads and thread them onto your braided section of hair. It may be easier to thread the beads onto your hair if you dampen the end slightly so that all of the strands stick together without splaying out. Although you can thread beads onto the whole length of the braid, you should remember that the more beads you thread, the heavier the braid will end up feeling, and if you put too many on, it could pull uncomfortably on your scalp. This will not bother you if you only use a few beads.

To finish off the beaded strand of hair, thread the unbraided section of your hair through the eye loop on the charm, then hook the end of this piece of hair back up so that it forms a loop with the charm hanging at the bottom. Secure the end of this loop under the wooden beads with another one of your small hair elastics. The charm should now hang nicely and securely under the beaded strands to create a fantastic and unique look which is perfect for the summer months.

Wooden beads are a very versatile piece of equipment. Wooden beads can be used in arts, crafts, jewellery and many different hair accessories.


Few Facts About Wood Beads

Wood beads are very popular these days. However what is the reason for their popularity? In this article few facts about wood beads are explained that contributes to their popularity.

Wood beads they are highly sought after for a variety of reasons. For one, they are easily available. Secondly, you can have them in a range of colors. You can also choose from a variety of thicknesses and various patterns and types of wood. They are also easy to cut, carve and shape, and they can be polished, lacquered, painted or oiled.

They are also lightweight, so even if the pattern is big and chunky, the jewelry itself is light in weight. Lastly, they combine well with pearls, gems and semi-precious stones, and with Swarovski crystals as well as shells, horn beads and bones.

Types: Wood beadsare made from various trees including olive, bamboo, apple, rose, sandalwood, bayong, ebony, ironwood, pear, etc. Some of these trees have a distinct aroma while others come with a very nice grain. Trees like sandalwood have their own fragrance, which is retained even after beads are made out of them. Isn’t that a great idea?

Size: If you are creating your own jewelry, you can take advantage of the fact that wood beads are available in graded sizes, beginning from one millimeter and going on to one centimeter. So, go ahead and make your own jewelry designs by mixing and matching with other beads and contrasting them with differently colored and sized wood beads.

Why you should buy wood beads in bulk: Whether you’re a trader in wood beads or bulk beads, you stand to gain by buying them at a wholesale price.


For traders, the profit margin increases when they are bought at a bulk rate and sold at a retail price. And if you’re a hobbyist buying wholesale beads you can stretch your dollar just a little more by buying these beads at wholesale prices. You might also want to gift them, so once again it helps to buy at bulk rates as you stand to get hefty discounts. Buying wholesale also means that you get the best wood beads at the most affordable rates.

Where to buy: If you are fascinated by wood beads, you will be happy to find that you can locate them both online and offline. Now, with so many sites selling wood beads, you needn’t spend valuable time looking for them in stores. This is the best solution for you as you will get to see the best work of countries that make wood beads, such as China, the USA, India, Canada, Africa, Israel, etc. Here, you will be able to buy bulk beads in wood and at attractive rates too.

There are many popular online stores where the wood beads displayed are lightweight and just right for making big and chunky jewelry. The bulk beads that you get at this site can be chosen from a wide range, so you will always get the ones you want to customize your own jewelry. For these reasons, you should consider buying wood beads in bulk and enjoy all the benefits that will afford you.